Our bespoke floral design services are designed in the name of individuality and the soul’s essence. From floral designs that embody timelessly allure, measured to portray your extraordinary vision; to a full wedding and event design that embodies the client’s vision. 

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Experience the Garden Eden floral affair by letting us romanticize your whole event. Epitomizing your authentic vision, we will create a bespoke design that includes fine details, made to measure approach, and individually tailored concepts to show the essence of your unique soul. A seamless composition of different textures, colours, and scents; specially selected to adorn your dream event.

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Brand designs that are curated in the right environment, representing the core and uniqueness of the client. By reinventing locations we portray your story with diligently selected details, creating remarkable moments that seal the signature of that brand. Each and every one of our services has a sole purpose - the vision statement to be infused with authentic beauty that channels a meaningful connection to the fine art of flowers.

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Introducing the Eden Workshops of Grace and Flowers. With our classes, you will master the art of creating floral heirlooms. It is not all about arranging flowers, it is about the art of channelling uniqueness and tailoring your bespoke arrangements to fit the soul of your muse. We design the classes to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will satisfy your needs, thirst for fine art florals, and devotion to learning. Create your own mystical Garden Eden, a sanctuary relishing in floral delights.

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The weddings of Grace and Flowers encompasses the full experience, or in our words “the Garden Eden experience”. This bespoke design includes fine details, made to measure and tailored concepts. 

Unique in terms of details and floral visual poetry of your exquisiteness, bold and expressive aesthetic that is measured to your soul, and sublimely tailored to portray your individual story. It is exclusively dedicated to our client’s vision, thus every event design is different.

As every person has their unique traits and envisions their styling differently, we ensnare those characteristics and emotions to design the perfect measurement of the client’s soul. Like an artist that picks different colours and techniques, we weave our floral art with different details, textures, colours, and scents; diligently selected to paint our client’s dream event.

Does your wedding vision feel like it has found a sanctuary in my floral aesthetic approach? Then I would be more than pleased to receive your message and adorn your love chapter with the luxury art of bespoke flower designs. Get in touch for more information.