The mentoring approach is not just learning how to arrange beautiful flowers, it is all about finding your own Garden Eden. It is about empowering you to unleash your creativity, and support you on this journey. Helping you find the courage to pursue your passion by learning the language of flowers and translating it into your own bespoke designs and aesthetic styling. As each of our services is individual and tailored to the uniqueness of our clients, so is our mentoring service. 

We will help you find your own muse and spark your dedication to find your unique style. Cast aside the “trends” and design your own universe. Create timeless floral heirlooms for your clients that will be treasured forever. Our classes can be booked for online sessions, hands-on classes in the Grace and Flowers studio but also 3-day classes featuring a styled shoot to include in your portfolio.

2h bespoke

6h bespoke  mentoring 

8h mentoring + editorial shoot

The online mentoring will be dedicated to mastering a way to leave an imprint, and develop your own special brand statement. Furthermore, you will be able to express all of your needs, share your struggles and what you would like to learn from the session. It is an online course with a detailed personal dedication. If you are feeling confident about your brand but desire to gain a knowledge asset that someone else already has, you can also book this mentoring to talk about this topic in-depth.

This mentoring session will include a theoretical and a practical part. In our studio, you will have a very intimate and exclusive experience, tailored to fit all of your needs. We will explore where you are now on your floral journey and where you want to be. The mentoring will have different topics and emphasis depending on the individual. We will share our skills and the way we curate our couture floral art. Thus, you will learn what sets the design apart from other floral designers and how your work can be recognized without seeing the name. Furthermore, we will cover the topic of your ideal clients and how you can attract them.

The 8h mentoring is similar to the 6h mentoring but in addition, we will also create arrangements for your editorial. In the run-up to the shoot, we will work together to find your own voice and create an authentic story for your aesthetic expression. You will also learn how to curate the perfect editorial tailored to your style and how to express your unique essence. Furthermore, we will discover the secrets on how to get a publication on the most famous magazines & blogs with your own breathtaking Garden Eden.

A full creative day in Maditas studio exploring the soul of flowers.

The studio Experience
zoom session
the editorial experience

An intense 2-day learning &
design experience.

An intense online mentoring, covering your bespoke needs.



YES! Our mentoring experience is tailored to fit any level, from beginner to advanced. We curate the mentoring sessions towards YOUR needs and we welcome all levels! One of our best decisions you can make when starting your career is to book a mentoring with someone you admire, someone whose style speaks to your soul. They will go to great lengths to help you find your own path in the floral industry.

YES! Each of our mentoring sessions is designed to fit your needs. You are the one who will decide what we will talk about, learn, create in the studio and what secrets you wish to unveil concerning floral designing. From boutonnieres to the perfect bouquet, from floral centerpieces to enchanting table settings - it is up to you to select your preferences and we will dedicate our session to your decided topic.

YES! We will help you master all aspects of styled shoots including how to connect with vendors who are aligned to your brand and represent your ideal clients. We will also teach you how styled shoots are more than just a portfolio feature, and how with their power you can secure your name in the floral industry with the help of publications.