Each and every one of Grace and Flowers’ creations is a world of its own, a passionate declaration of the uniqueness of your soul, engraved with your deepest emotions. Interlacing scents, gentleness, the whimsical beauty of seasons, destinations, architecture, and fashion; to curate an exquisite handcraft experience and surreal contemporary floral heirlooms. Artful pieces that have been ascended to a romantic aesthetic and embellished with the poetic language of flowers. A fine art floral couture designed with a sustainable vision.

a monologue with your senses

the language of flowers


Even though my name has Swedish roots, I live with my loving husband Flo and our 3 lovely Spanish galgo dogs in Germany, but where my heart really lives and beats vigorously is Provence.

Our primary goal in the foreseeable future is to move there but until then, Provence will forever remain the garden of my own soul, a happy place that I go to in my mind when I seek to curate floral couture art. Whenever I need sanctuary and inspiration for my craft, I always return to the vivid remembrance of this place, all the happiness that I feel when reminiscing about Gordes and the joy of seeing a white horse in the Camargue. I adore each and every one of nature’s floral creations, but my absolute favourite flowers are garden roses. 

My obsession with them only grows every year - now counting more than 100 of them in my own garden. While designing my creations I am never guided by trends but by the unique measurements of your profound essence and the beauty of Provence. After I’ve established Grace and Flowers in 2016, in the creative artistic aspect I see myself as a floral coutier, who uses the sublime beauty of flowers as a language of love intertwined with timeless fashion. In my floral creations, I can always tell which emotion I am expressing and giving life to. Naturally because as an artist I am primarily inspired by nature and care deeply for it; my vision is tailored towards sustainability as one of the main guiding points.

“Can we speak in flowers. It will be easier for me to understand.” 



"Her work is musical, poetic, and full of ethereal elegance. Her flowers have life, joy, and emotion in them and bring such grace to a wedding day or event. It’s within her very nature to create from a place of love and deeply-rooted inspiration."

kristin sautter




We strongly believe that fine, exquisite details set the foundations of a design. As notes who compose a beautiful symphony, in that manner, the details narrate the essence of your story. During the choosing process, we are tailoring them to your vision by selecting only the right details that will coherently show your story. Our style & artful aesthetic consists of reaching an epiphany with those details as a whole.

We are using only the finest and most exclusive flowers as words to speak our aesthetic language yet narrate your story. Every single selection we make is to individually show our client’s uniqueness. A medley of textures, scents and colours that culminate into otherworldly designs and concepts. Like couture fashion, every detail is individually chosen to exhibit floral couture.

Memorable event designs that will adorn the memory lane of your guests. By bringing hundreds of details to life, we portray a unique Garden Eden experience designed to match the client’s vision. Searching for the right details to complement your authentic soul and visualizing your individual expressive beauty. Sublimely curated designs and concepts that leave a bold yet gentle statement to your event.


It would be my honour to compose a floral couture design that will be uniquely tailored to the measurements of your heart. I would love to portray your romantic vision in its fine art beauty, spoken through the language of flowers. You are welcome to contact me for any information that you may need.

"Madita's creativity knows no bounds, and her ability to transform a space with her floral designs is truly remarkable."

Madita and her team at Grace & Flowers are nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment we began planning our wedding in Provence, France, Madita's talent and passion for floristry shone through. She effortlessly captured our vision, bringing it to life in ways we could have only dreamed of.

Working with Madita was an absolute pleasure. She took the time to understand every detail of what would make us happy, and her attention to detail was impeccable. For our traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, the Chuppah was of utmost importance, and Madita created a masterpiece. Every flower, every leaf, every detail was carefully chosen and expertly arranged, resulting in a Chuppah that was not only beautiful but truly meaningful to us.

The details of the florals, candles, and linens for our reception dinner table turned the evening into a scene straight out of Vogue. Her work added a touch of magic to our special day, and we are forever grateful for her talent, dedication, and the beauty she brought to our wedding.
If you are looking for a florist who will exceed your expectations and create floral arrangements that are nothing short of breathtaking, look no further than Madita and
Grace & Flowers. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Liza and garrett

"From the bouquet to the table arrangements to the chuppah the entire day was made special because we were surrounded by so much beauty."

We had an intimate wedding in Provence- just myself and my husband and our families. I knew even though I was having a small wedding I wanted it to feel as elegant and romantic and stunning as if we had 300 people.

Madita crafted an absolutely breathtaking floral story for our wedding. 
And she's also the kindest, sweetest human being you'll ever meet! Thank you, Madita!

rebecca serle, New York Times bestselling author

"With her talent, she brought our dreams to life, and we could not have asked for a better experience."

Madita is the rarest of vendors; her skills, professionalism, and warmth exceeded all of our expectations. Her prompt communication, meticulous planning, and sunny attitude provided a balm in the stresses of wedding planning. She took the time to understand our vision and prepared detailed design plans each step of the way so that we could make sure we were aligned.

meg and jake

"it was clear that she understood our vision for our special day, and what we received could not have been more perfect."

We cannot thank Madita enough for the wonderful florals she provided for our wedding. From the first day we met Madita, it was clear that she understood our vision for our special day, and what we received could not have been more perfect. The attention to detail was obvious in every arrangement, and the communication from day 1 made sure that we had absolutely no worries about what we would see on the day. Thank you again for being such an important part of what made our wedding so special.



Madita created a bridal bouquet for me that touched my heart deeply and brought tears of emotion to my eyes. The magic of the flowery beauty drew me completely under its spell. Every single blossom is so lovingly selected and arranged with the greatest passion and skill. The magic her hands are able to create fascinated me and my creative soul. She managed to translate my imagination and, above all, my feelings for the day into a flower language that was perfect and unique for me. Dearest Madita, I am very grateful for your wonderful traces that you have left in my heart through your flower art and your magical nature. A very special encounter.

cynthia klein


Everything felt seamless, easy, comfortable, and as if we were working with a long-time friend. We appreciated so much that Madita was able to take our inspirations and turn them into an even better reality. She truly has an undeniable talent and vision for what she creates. I felt so comfortable trusting her creative instincts to make the space so beautiful. When we walked in, we were wowed! It was everything we'd hoped for and more. The attention to detail and passion for what she creates was evident. Everyone kept telling us how much the loved the decorations and flowers! We could not have made a better choice.

rachel and alex


Working with Madita was an immense joy. Her work is musical, poetic, and full of ethereal elegance. Her flowers have life, joy, and emotion in them and bring such grace to a wedding day or event. It’s within her very nature to create from a place of love and deeply-rooted inspiration—and you can’t help but FEEL that love when you look at her work. She listens and serves well and sees that others feel loved and valued. When you choose to work with Madita, you can be confident you’ll be well cared for and receive masterpieces of floral art. She is an artist to her core. Talented. Full of grace. And the kindest soul you’ll meet.

kristin sautter

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