Liza and Garrett’s Provence wedding was an unparalleled experience, one which allowed us to unleash our inventiveness.
The result? A masterfully ornated, elegant, and stylish wedding that united tradition and modern design. 

Alluring Wedding at the unparalleled Grandeur of La bastide de gordes

Wedding & floral design 

We would like to welcome you to the enchanting union of Meg and Jake- a thrilling venture that spoke the language of love fluently. Adorned with our bespoke floral designs, the spellbinding event translated into an otherworldly reality. 

a classic and elegant wedding affair at la bastide de gordes

floral design

Let us immerse you in the reams of lavishness by giving you a glimpse of this exquisite wedding in France. Allow yourself to be taken aback by its garden glory and source inspiration for your own extraordinary event.

Magnificent floral grandeur at Château de Varennes

floral design 

Creating the couture magic for Rebecca and Jared's wedding in Provence was pure privilege for us! 
Rebecca is a renowned author, so we did our best to ensure the presence of poetic touches for the elegant wedding in Provence. 

Tenderly Elegant wedding in Provence

floral design

Being able to design this Château wedding in the South of France was a real honor for us. We take great pride in realizing this couple’s dream vision of having an exquisite and luxurious event.

Timeless elegant château wedding in the south of france

Wedding & floral design 

The couple wanted an intimate wedding with lots of foliage and florals. They opted for a venue that would reflect the beauty of nature, while still providing a classic French ambiance. The result was stunning: an ethereal, intimate garden nuptial in Provence that was equally classic and romantic

ethereal intimate garden wedding in provence

floral design

An engagement session in provence featuring a quintessential atmosphere of that southern French flair. Adorning their brilliant car with soft, ethereal yet lavish florals.

classic engagement
session in provence


Their intimate wedding was hosted in a gorgeous and archetypal garden in Provence. With lavender fields all around, it featured a quintessential atmosphere of that southern French flair.

organic & refined
wedding in provence


Bringing the outside in. We curated a breathtaking indoor garden in pastel colours for a heartwarming couple who wanted their wedding to represent their unique Garden Eden.

modern garden inspired opulence


Lindsay and David had their closest family and friends accompanying them on their Provence wedding. The celebration seamlessly blended with the organic allure of the French region. Our couple opted for a natural and understated aesthetic, which made the union even more memorable

A lush and organic wedding in Provence


Infusing the essence of Provence into this chateau garden styling with organic, exquisite, and delicate flowers & fruits. Relishing the savoir vivre with a glass of Rosé wine from the renowned Chateau Miraval’s vineyards.

provencal garden
wedding reveries

editorial & floral design 

A surreal intertwining of fashion, flowers, and textures. Portraying the art of how unique floral designs that are aligned with the couture designs can magnificently support and represent their style.

botanical couture

editorial & FLORAL DESIGN

An ode to timeless elegance for an enchanting statement wedding, ethereally accented with modern golden flair. Romantic aesthetic featuring huge urns and thousands of flowers in an old manor house.

elegant wedding


For this occasion, we were able to take advantage of the beautiful grounds of the Weissenhaus, which offered a stunning backdrop for a classic, timeless wedding. We wanted to create an atmosphere that would transport you completely to a fantasy world of elegance and romance

ethereal elegance
the modern way

editorial & floral design

A timeless and elegant wedding with a french flair. We fashioned an intimate outdoor styling embellished with garden-inspired flowers and intricate velvet detail.

a trés chic 
chateau wedding

editorial & FLORAL DESIGN

Expressing the beautifully poetic relationship of silk goods and flowers. Creating an inspiring aesthetic by supporting this high-end brand’s vision - showing their clients how their silk napkins and other products can look enchanting while perfectly arranged.

brand styling
for seidenband 

editorial & floral design

Luxury is defined by opulence and elegance, but it also conveys a sense of timelessness. It's something that seems to never go out of style, and it's often associated with grandeur.

Timelessly stylish 
floral grandeur

floral design 

The allure of flowers - how they align together with fashion and support each other aesthetically to portray a sexy and sensual styling.

haute floral fashion editorial

editorial & floral design

Showing how to weave your personal sense for a refined aesthetic with a personal shoot to strengthen your brand statement. This portrayal featured a dance of two artful expressions - two breathtaking cakes elevated with flowers.

couture garden for
michéle weiten 

campaign | editorial & floral design

Elevating the edgy look while keeping the elegant and timeless aesthetic tailored in every detail  

Souls of Eden editorial

Editorial & floral design 

A timeless lush wedding demands an equally timeless setting, which is what we aimed for. Our theme was luxury and class, but in a way, that worshipped a rustic aesthetic as well.

rustic delicacy for
a lush wedding

Wedding & floral design 

Drawing inspiration from the movie “Perfume”, we created a whimsical story that entwines the organic romance of flowers and their scents combined with fruits.

whimsical old world tales

editorial & FLORAL DESIGN